China’s Steps to Reach Number One as a World Economic Power

Today, the United States and China are in the middle of a trade war with the mutual imposition of tariffs, initially driven by the Donald Trump government, whose ultimate goal is to avoid the bulky trade deficit of what is the world’s first economy with China.

But there is another basic war that is being fought, and it is that of China trying to snatch the United States the first place in terms of...

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Finally, the Necessary Re-Foundation of Capitalism Breaks into the Political Debate at the Highest Level (Part 2)

Elizabeth Warren knows exactly what she wants to do to undertake this re-foundation, and Everything must be said, quite a lot of her ideas make perfect sense, especially those aimed at tackling system corruption, returning Capitalism to its most popular concept, and those of limiting the power of large multinationals to “influence” politicians, who use to eliminate all traces of competition that m...

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