The Tax Burden of Spain: Bad News for the Treasury, Good News for Taxpayers

Among many political parties, it is fashionable to incorporate what the State must “spend like in Europe” or “equalize at European levels” to achieve the strengthening of the Welfare State.

But free-spending does not exist … if it is in the present it is in charge of income, and if it is spent, even more, it is compromising future income, in other words, debt.

So let’s put data into these rhetoric...

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Finally, the Necessary Re-Foundation of Capitalism Breaks into the Political Debate at the Highest Level (Part 2)

Elizabeth Warren knows exactly what she wants to do to undertake this re-foundation, and Everything must be said, quite a lot of her ideas make perfect sense, especially those aimed at tackling system corruption, returning Capitalism to its most popular concept, and those of limiting the power of large multinationals to “influence” politicians, who use to eliminate all traces of competition that m...

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We Will End up Having Digital Giants in Europe Such as Google and Apple (Or so Gvg Capital Predicts) (Part 2)

Although a few decades ago there were several European companies that rubbed shoulders with the world leaders in the technology sector, little by little the Europeans were giving up positions, until we dropped into the arms of the almighty GAFA, the mobiles of China, or others So many foreign and technological components, key to our economic activity and on which we depend without many alternative...

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