We Will End up Having Digital Giants in Europe Such as Google and Apple (Or so Gvg Capital Predicts) (Part 2)

We Will End up Having Digital Giants in Europe Such as Google and Apple (Or so Gvg Capital Predicts) (Part 2)

Although a few decades ago there were several European companies that rubbed shoulders with the world leaders in the technology sector, little by little the Europeans were giving up positions, until we dropped into the arms of the almighty GAFA, the mobiles of China, or others So many foreign and technological components, key to our economic activity and on which we depend without many alternatives. It is the other side of globalization, but globalization that has been sold to us so that we open our borders naively, while others behind were maneuvering to extractive exploit our markets, and establish themselves as world leaders adding Europe as one of their conquered pastures.

Actually, things have not turned out to be for Europeans as the rest of the superpowers seemed, and here each one actually continued to make war on their own. Although with this we cannot avoid having to make a necessary self-criticism in Europe , that Europe that so many bureaucratic obstacles imposes on the creation of new companies and the making of fabric in emerging sectors, while other socioeconomies such as the US not only promote and facilitate the creation of new leaders but then they even socially slave the creators of employment and national wealth by granting them almost the rank of heroes and putting the red carpet where they step.

We must not go too far or by default, but the truth is that in Europe, we have much to improve for ourselves, and part of our current penance comes from our own previous sins, with some pride among them. The other part does not, the other part of our current technological penance comes directly from the fact that, at the time of opening markets and being the most globalized in the global globe, we Europeans naively decided to be “more papist than the Pope” , and such Once this was a congruent gesture of socioeconomic coherence, but what it was not was that others preached the same while behind the scenes, behind the scenes, their stage workers were changing us to a setting that did not do us any socioeconomic favor, but rather the opposite.

And so we are today in the current state of technological inferiority, to which we must somehow remedy: what better remedy than to illuminate our own technological giants, even if it is late. The “but” is that we must do so by competing, innovating and creating new technology that makes us leaders again , although surely in Brussels they are tempted to achieve it by injecting into our system a rancid dose of protectionism and over-regulation, instead of creating a balanced fair rules for all, that do not leave us to Europeans in real inferior conditions. A very appropriate way to do this could be to give in to open our markets to other superpowers but only under conditions of a fair reciprocity.

Although the undeniable fact is that, regardless of the best or worst of the final implementation, when it comes to governing our socioeconomies and shaping the future we are building for our children, we must not only let ourselves be submissively driven by the future of the river socioeconomic that takes us. We must also row to get to fruition and work to mold our socioeconomics to the world of the future in which we will inevitably have to survive (if we succeed). We do not deny that this implies an essential dose of regulation, which we say that it should not scratch overregulation.

The American NSA, the Chinese social credit system for companies, Russia and its socio-economic and political propaganda machinery, etc. Reality shows us that we Europeans cannot remain technologically dependent for longer on technological giants whose guidelines depend on foreign (and factual) political powers, and who have no greater interest in European socioeconomic values, or in which we survive as a superpower world. We have already seen how, for example, the US instrumentalized its technological superiority, depriving Huawei of access to American technology on which it depended. We can spend three (and eight) quarters of the same at any time.

But it is no longer just because of that concept of technological security that we were talking about in the previous analysis; There have been recently very revealing movements on the part of one of the superpowers that currently carry the singing voice in the world in regard to the new cyber-social and socioeconomic war, which is really the most advanced warlike vanguard. And it is that Russia has decided to shield itself in the field of Internet, and to be able to make its networks totally impervious to what they consider (arbitrarily) an external threat , and that it can end up being simply the influence, the opinions, and above all the substantiated criticisms that may come from outside its borders. This follows, by the way, the steps of the other great power in cybersocial warfare: the Chinese censor with its “Great Wall of Fire,” which leaves little room for that Chinese dissent that tries to breathe out of the totalitarian government orbit.

It is not that I am telling you that here we must choose to undertake the same liberticidal totalitarianism on the Internet, on the contrary: to preserve our system of freedoms and our more European values ​​(both on the Internet and outside it), we should get an idea of ​​what The powers in socioeconomic warfare have in mind as a next step, because it is going to be around where they attack us next to bring us down and make us their own. Do not make the typically medieval mistake of believing yourself safe from the apparent security of the watchtower of the European fortress, because the truth is that the new form of socioeconomic siege is to undermine the master pillars of the wall that sustains our democracies and our socioeconomic systems, and for this, technology and technology giants are used as a battering ram.

The best way to exterminate the enemy by minimizing ammunition is to do so without him even being aware of his uncertain destiny. That is why, while attacking us mercilessly, they keep us lethargic with propaganda that shifts the focus towards other issues that incidentally confront us among ourselves. Do not believe yourself impregnable; nobody is, and, in fact, in this cyber-social and socioeconomic war, in which the battlefield is our minds, we are clearly losing. We run the risk of being the next ones to fall. It is therefore absolutely essential that we prop up our defensive walls with technology as a mortar of the future, and for that must enlighten our own European technology giants, who defend our values, and who do not let themselves be led by hostile interests.

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